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DutchPIPE Showcases

In addition to the whole site which is an example of a DutchPIPE environment, we'll be slowly adding showcases here to demonstrate different possibilities (see About DutchPIPE). We are now concentrating on the core AJAX/PHP system, and these showcases will be simple proof of concepts, but over time as the system matures, more complex (and more exciting!) showcases will appear.

 > A little game area
This showcase demonstrates various core concepts such as object creation, object movement, computer controlled characters and chat, timeouts, events, and so on. Furthermore, free beer is served!

 > Attach DutchPIPE to any page
Within the DutchPIPE framework you can create powerful page environments with URLs as seen in the address field of your browser. Here's an example that skips the framework and just adds DutchPIPE functionality to a set of exisisting .html pages, just by including one javascript in each page.
    > Free Movement Demo
Besides running around with your avatar on "normal" web pages, here's an experiment of a more realistic environment with draggable objects and avatars. See others move on a page!

 > A fresh DutchPIPE install
This is what DutchPIPE looks like "out of the box" when you download and install it.

 > Multilingual example: DutchPIPE in Dutch
DutchPIPE has I18N and L10N support which allows for easy translations and localization.

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