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DutchPIPE beta is free/open source and can be downloaded and used under the terms of the MIT licence. WARNING: This is beta software aimed at experienced PHP developers.

Download FilenameSizeRevisionDate Description
dutchpipe-0.4.1.tgz989KB315Sep 3 2007DutchPIPE Beta 0.4.1 source code in tarball format
dutchpipe-0.4.1.zip1057KB315Sep 3 2007DutchPIPE Beta 0.4.1 source code in ZIP format

For mirrors and past releases, go to DutchPIPE downloads at
For Subversion access, see the Contributors page.
Once you downloaded and unpacked the code in the directory of your choice, read the README file for further information.

  1. Knowledge of PHP 5 and in particular PHP 5 objects.
  2. If you like more magic to happen than the current library provides, Javascript/AJAX knowledge is required.

Hardware and software requirements:
  1. A *NIX or Windows platform
    DutchPIPE was developed and tested on FreeBSD 6. You must have full access to a computer or server to run DutchPIPE. You can also run it from a Windows machine, for example using WAMP5 to install Apache, PHP and MySQL, or using IIS and Microsoft SQL Server.
  2. A web server
    You should be able to use any web server with PHP 5 support, such as Apache, IIS and lighttpd. runs on Apache 2.2, it was also successfully tested on IIS.
  3. PHP 5 with the extensions: simple_xml and sockets (both for the web server and "on the command line") is currently running PHP 5.2.3. The simple_xml extension is supported by default in PHP 5.
    To enable the avatar upload feature the gd extension is required. The gd extension also makes image handling a bit faster.
  4. A database
    DutchPIPE supports MySQL, MySQLi, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Frontbase, Querysim, Interbase/Firebird, MSSQL and SQLite.
  5. An AJAX capable web browser
    The following web browser versions are supported 100%: Firefox 1 and 2, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Opera 9 are Safari 3.
OSI Certified Open Source Software

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