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DutchPIPE: Dutchman's Persistent Interactive Page Environments

what is it

DutchPIPE is software that enables multi user, object oriented, persistent state web sites, and is a whole new perspective of looking at sites and pages. The site becomes an abstracted world or universe populated with objects, which can be moved into or out of eachother and perform certain actions. There's only one world with one set of objects - if you drop something on a page, someone else can visit that page, see the object, and carry it away elsewhere.

Social sites
Build visualized, real multi-user communities, fora and chat rooms. See your buddies wander around.
E-commerce and site assistant applications
Make easy-to-use product and shopping cart pages. Have automated and/or real person site assistants stand by to assist your customers and increase sales.
Game environments
From card games to virtual RPG worlds, DutchPIPE makes it possible.
User areas
Let people make their own "area" - pages, objects, actions, etc., without technical knowledge.
Site monitoring, 'snooping'
Track where people are going and what they are doing. Improve your processes. Be invisible, or run DutchPIPE invisible for visitors. Snoop visitors: see an exact copy of a visitor's browser window, including mouse movements. Beware of the privacy implications!
Developers platform extraordinaire
Persistent state, object-oriented building gives way to a whole new way of developing DOM web applications. In other words...
... Your imagination is the limit!


No plug-ins needed! On the client side, DutchPIPE uses the DOM, XHTML and Javascript. On the server side, PHP is run from the command line and from the web server. It should run on any operating system/web server that supports PHP version 5. MySQL is used as the database to store users and such, but this can be any database. Client and server communicate by means of AJAX.

The Aristolochia, better known as the Dutchman's Pipe
for who is it

DuchPIPE is software for web developers with experience in PHP 5 and Javascript.


DuchPIPE is free. It's available for download under the classic open source MIT license.


Lennert Stock conceived and implemented DutchPIPE from early 2006.

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